Form the habits
you want
Few of us believe that we are already the best that we can be. Whether spiritually, physically, socially, financially or at work, we aspire to change for the better.
This means changing what we do. The key to permanent change is to change your ‘auto-pilot settings,’ a.k.a. your habits.
This is what Good Rabbits is for.
Your phone can have a potent influence on your behavior. You can turn this to your advantage with Good Rabbits, an easy-to-use phone app for you and your coach. Using the latest evidence-based research in behavioral science, and the collective wisdom of thousands of users like you, Good Rabbits enables you to achieve your personal goals by discovering what works for you.
Good Rabbits employs numerous behavior-change techniques that have been proven to work in academic studies.

Recipes for Action

The central idea in Good Rabbits is the "Habit." This is a behavior that you wish to cultivate. In the app, a Habit is formatted like a recipe, with a goal, a motivation, a trigger or cue, a schedule and an action. The action consists of one or more steps; each step can have a photo or a video associated with it.

Track Performance

For each Habit, Good Rabbits shows a graphical summary of your performance to date, with a summary of the past week, plus a 'streak length' indicator.
Tap on a date-bubble to record your performance for that day. Each date-bubble is a mini-pie-chart allowing you to record multiple turns per day for each habit.

Chats and Group Chats

Each Habit has a dedicated chat window for comments and encouragement from people with whom you are optionally sharing your performance on that Habit.

Browse the Habit Store

What works for one person may not work for another. Good Rabbits encourages you to experiment to discover what works for you by exploring the Habit Store, a library of Habits contributed by other users.

Great for Coaches!

Of particular interest to coaching professionals are the Sharing feature and the Groups feature. The Sharing feature enables coaches to keep track of how their clients are doing daily; the Groups feature enables coaches to curate collections of Habits private to their clients, and to charge a monthly subscription fee for access to the Group.
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